Ashland Educational Conference – Boston, October 15 – 17


 with Carl Bacon, CIPM
and joined by a senior level Ashland Partners professional with GIPS experience, verification, performance mea­surement, and internal control procedure development.

Fundamental Course – October 15 & 16

Join us for this two-day practical course designed to give a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of performance measurement, ranging from basic return calculation, benchmarks, risk-adjusted perfor­mance measurement, and attribution techniques to the Global Investment Performance Standards.

Through class lectures, interactive discussion, practical exercises and team presentations, you will:

    • Understand the critical concepts of performance measurement
    • Learn the different ways to derive returns (and why the results can vary)
    • Get a better understanding of why and how cash flows affect the returns
    • Become familiar with the fundamentals of benchmarking
    • Assert why risk measurement and control are important and what the measures mean
    • Gain insight into the role of attribution, the challenges in getting it right, and how it should be used
    • Understand what’s required to obtain and maintain compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards

Advanced Attribution Course – October 17

In addition to the two-day course, a one-day intensive advanced course will be offered for those who wish to increase their technical knowledge and gain a detailed understanding of all aspects of performance return attribution.

The one-day advanced attribution course will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to Advanced Attribution
  • Multi-Currency Attribution
  • Fixed Income Attribution
  • Attribution for Derivatives


 Registration for two day course – Ashland Partners Clients: $1,595 (non-clients $1,795)

Registration for one day advanced course – Ashland Partners Clients: $800 (non-clients $895)

Registration for three day course – Ashland Partners Clients: $2,395 (non-clients $2,695)

October 15-17
Register Now
We offer CPE Credits!

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