Ashland Partners and Advent Software Release Ashland Assist

Ashland Partners & Company LLP and Advent Software have co-developed the Ashland Assist extract to support the GIPS® verification process through increased automation of data extraction for Ashland Partners’ clients.

Ashland Assist is designed to minimize the number of reports that are needed for verification, greatly increasing the clients’ efficiency in fulfilling Ashland Partners’ sample requests. Ashland Assist will enable clients to extract holdings, transactions, revaluation details and other composite-level statistics while minimizing the need for additional requests and follow-up.

“Ashland Partners is pleased to have joined with Advent Software to provide this unique tool to increase efficiency and reduce the need for additional requests during a verification. When used with the Ashland Performance Extract, Ashland Assist will now allow our clients to manage fewer reports to fill Ashland Partners’ data requests. The increased efficiency for both the client and Ashland Partners will enable smoother verifications and a quicker turnaround of the verification opinion,” said Jason Millard, CFA, CIPM, Partner at Ashland Partners.

For more information on how to incorporate this utility into your verification procedures, please contact Travis Morgan at 1.541.842.8405 or

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