Ashland Partners & Company Expands Partnership

Ashland Partners is pleased to announce the addition of seven new partners.  As of October 1, 2015, the existing partners, Melvin Ashland, CPA, CGMA, PFS,  Richard Kemmling, CPA, CIPM, CGMA, Jason Millard, CFA, CIPM, Jessica Parker, CPA, CIPM and Nikola Feliz, CPA, CIPM, have been joined by:

    • Scott Cosentine, CPA, CAMS
    • Chase Frei, CFA, CAIA, CIPM
    • Robert Frey, MCDST, MCITP
    • Geoff Hecht, CIPM
    • Greg Hogan, CFA, CIPM
    • Julia Reyes, CIPM
    • Carrie Zippi, CPA

The expanded partnership reflects the growth and breadth of the firm’s services to the investment management industry.

The new partners are located in four of Ashland Partners’ domestic offices.  They are all long term employees who through their commitment to excellence have helped Ashland Partners earn a reputation as the gold standard in the financial industry.

“As our firm continues to grow we need to ensure that we have the best people in the business serving our clients,” says Ashland Partners’ President, Richard Kemmling.  “These new partners add a variety of experience, energy, and creativity that makes Ashland stand out as the industry’s leading CPA firm for the investment management industry.”


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