Ashland Partners’ Portal

By Michael Wastart

We at Ashland Partners are very excited to release our new secure portal.  We take the security of your information very seriously, which is why we decided to develop a secure file transfer portal internally at Ashland Partners. This allows us to monitor the software’s functionality, thoroughly and adequately test the system for vulnerabilities, and maintain the portal with immediate changes to defend against any newly developed threats.

Your files are never saved in an unencrypted state. Within 5 minutes of uploading your files to the portal, they are automatically copied to Ashland Partners servers, which is the only location of the decryption key. The files are then deleted from the portal.

To further help protect your data, the Ashland Portal requires that you use a modern web browser. The following browsers are supported: Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 31+, Chrome 39+, and Safari 9+.

All Ashland Partners clients will be contacted to get a user account set up. This process can be expedited by reaching out to


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