Ashland Partners Announces New Website

Ashland Partners & Company LLP recently launched a new website. The new site will serve as a platform for information and resources created to address the due diligence needs of the financial services industry.

“The  new website represents Ashland Partners’ stature as a multi-service assurance and solutions provider in the financial services industry,” said Richard Kemmling, Partner and President of Ashland Partners. “This new site is one of many initiatives we have in order to augment and expand our users experience, first through expanded information and later, access to our client intranet.”

As the world’s largest provider of GIPS verification services, Ashland Partners has focused the new site on GIPS and other performance-related engagements, while expanding the information available for other services that Ashland Partners’ clients utilize. The user can learn more about audit and tax solutions, cyber security consultation, and the recently added service, Vendor Due Diligence Concierge, that focuses on aiding advisors in their due diligence research of service providers.

For more information, please visit


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