2016 Software Directory

Ashland Partners is excited to announce that we have updated and made available our Directory of Investment Performance Software Providers for 2016 (the “Software Directory”). The Software Directory for 2016 expands on the directory we created in 2015 by adding new vendors in the industry while also incorporating various commentary on Portfolio Accounting Systems, GIPS®, and Cyber Security.

Information for each performance software provider is broken out into two sections: 1) Basic Information on the Software Provider and 2) Performance Calculation Methodology. The Basic Information section includes contact information, target industry, largest client size for the provider, and the year the software was first implemented. The Performance Calculation Methodology section includes account level, composite level, and attribution methodologies, as well as a confirmation about whether or not the system can calculate performance in multiple currencies. Performance methodologies can vary, with some performance providers calculating a time-weighted return daily, while others monthly using a revaluation threshold. In addition, various providers provide detailed information on the type of attribution used including Brinson – Fachler, Brinson Hood Beebower, Karnosky & Singer, and Geometric Attribution.

Besides gaining familiarity with the various performance software providers noted in the Software Directory, Ashland Partners continues to be a thought innovator in the financial services industry by partnering with various vendors to improve the examination experience. In September 2015, Advent Software and Ashland Partners announced the release of the Ashland Assist Extract report. Ashland clients that use Advent Axys or APX have the ability to utilize the Ashland Performance Extract & Ashland Assist Extract made available from Advent at no cost. These extracts provide Ashland’s clients with a quick way of providing Ashland Partners with necessary information. Furthermore, Ashland Partners’ clients that use a local version of Schwab’s Portfolio Center have the ability to utilize the Norwood Verification Extract, made available by John Norwood Consulting. This extract provides Ashland Partners with the information needed for verification at the account and composite levels for the period under examination. Firms that utilize either report will see a drastic improvement in efficiencies by cutting down the back and forth with Ashland Partners.

GIPS® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute.


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